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Rates for Hire-to-Buy Members

In order to book an electric bike (e-bike) for hire, individuals must:

  1. Be 18 years old or over
  2. Sign an arrangement with the Alternative Technology Centre (ATC), agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of membership and hiring
  3. Undertake an induction with the ATC, or their approved representative, before first hiring an e-bike
  4. Demonstrate that their home storage of the e-bike is adequately secure

Before they are able to take the e-bike for an extended period of hire, the partner will be charged the appropriate tariff:

Hiring periods Tariff
4 weeks (minimum hire period) £80.00
Each subsequent fortnight £40.00
Refundable deposit to cover loss, damage or theft * £250.00

Should the e-bike suffer any damage or lose any components (as detailed in advance in writing to the partner and outlined in the document 'We:cycle Extra Charges'), appropriate charges will be deducted by the ATC from the deposit of £250.  Costs are detailed in a separate document -

The e-bike will be sold to the Hire-to-Buy partner at the end of a period of hire, at a price that is below the RRP, less the total of the hire charges levied.

* NOTE: A list of charges applies for losses and damage during the hire-to-buy period.  The ATC cannot provide insurance cover for individual hirers so this list applies unless the hirer is covered under their own home insurance policy, in which case replacement of lost or damaged items will be arranged.