We Cycle


Electric Bikes in the upper Calder ValleyThe ATC has trialled a number of e-bikes to use for the we:cycle scheme and also hired some models out over a period of time.  We found that many are not up to the demands of the South Pennines' steepest and longest hills so we have invested in a combination of bike, power pack, driver and digital control system, which best suits our local conditions.  They are tried and tested in a range of conditions throughout the World and, we are sure, will provide the best assisted ride going.

The Bike is the Raleigh Motus, which has a 'step-through' frame (as opposed to a crossbar) and is a size suitable for most women and men.  It is fitted with puncture-resistant gel inner tubes.

The Motor, which provides direct assisted drive to the pedals, is run by a Bosch Lithium-Ion Powerpack. It can provide 250W output, delivering up to 60Nm of torque to the crank. The amount of power delivered is limited by law in the UK but it is plenty to get an inexperienced rider up the steepest hills.

The Control System is the Intuvia, also manufactured by Bosch, which allows the rider to check battery life, turn the motor on and off, select from four levels of power assistance (from 'Eco' to 'Turbo') and monitor a variety of data, including speed and distance travelled.

Two short YouTube videos demonstrate the features of the Raleigh Motus e-bike and the procedure for keeping yourself and the e-bike safe and secure when you hire.