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Electric Bikes in the upper Calder Valley

Click here to apply Application for membership of the we:cycle Local scheme links you to an Application Form which will be sent to we:cycle for approval. We will contact you to arrange an induction session, payment of your membership subscription and to provide access to the booking system with a username and password. Please read the Terms and Conditions for Local members or for Business members before filling out the Application Form.

Log in: The login button will take you to the login page on our booking system. When you have entered your username and password, you will link to a page with a calendar and a list of the names of the e-bikes and the villages where they are located. To hire an e-bike you should -

  1. Choose your e-bike by clicking the name
  2. Choose a date and start time by clicking on a slot on the calendar, which can be viewed in a variety of layouts (day, week, month etc)
  3. A table will appear which allows you to check the details
  4. Use the 'Hire Period' drop-down box on this table to choose the duration of hire. You can only book a bike at least two hours before collection
  5. Click 'Create Reservation' to link to the confirmation and payment page summarising your choice
  6. You can cancel or alter your booking at any time prior to payment
  7. If you are happy to continue, click the PayPal button which prompts you to pay, either through a PayPal account or with your bank card
  8. If you need to cancel or alter your booking after you have paid, you will have to contact info@wecycle.org.uk; if a refund is arranged, an admin fee levied by PayPal will be passed on to the Member

NB – the Price shown at various stages in the booking process is the full price (£3.00 per hour), paid by some hirers. All paid up we:cycle Local members are entitled to a 50% discount which will be applied at the point of payment.